Altcoin Market Analysis: Here’s What’s Next for WLD, SOL, MKR & RLB

• Altcoin Sherpa, a prominent crypto analyst, recently analyzed the potential future trends of various altcoins.
• Worldcoin (WLD) is predicted to experience a bearish trajectory while Solana (SOL), Maker (MKR), and Rollbit Coin (RLB) will have positive outlooks.
• Short-term goals may be more successful than long-term investments for WLD.

Altcoin Market Analysis: Here’s What Next For Worldcoin (WLD), Solana (SOL) and 2 Other Alts

Worldcoin (WLD)

A recent analysis by Altcoin Sherpa, a prominent crypto analyst, suggests that Worldcoin (WLD) may face a bearish trajectory in the near future. While it holds promise due to its advanced blockchain technology and iris-scanning integration, it is expected to explore new lows before potentially rebounding. Traders are advised to consider short-term goals rather than long-term aims with WLD. At the time of reporting, Worldcoin is valued at $2.03.

Solana (SOL)

Solana is showing meteoric rise due to its ability to transform decentralized applications according to Altcoin Sherpa’s report. Currently SOL is hovering around its 200-day exponential moving average which indicates strong support levels from investors and traders alike. As such there is potential for SOL prices to increase in the future if these support levels hold steady or go up further.

Maker (MKR)

The report also highlights Maker as an altcoin with good prospects in terms of price appreciation going forward given its established track record over the past few years and current market conditions favoring cryptocurrencies with high liquidity like MKR. The coin has seen considerable growth since April 2021 when it was trading around $400 per token but now trades at nearly $1,800 indicating a possible uptrend ahead for MKR holders if it regains momentum again soon enough .

Rollbit Coin (RLB)

Altcoin Sherpa also forecasts RLB as an altcoin with bullish potential given that the coin has been showing consistent upward movement over the past few months despite some occasional volatility on occasion due to news related events or general market sentiment shifts affecting cryptocurrencies as a whole.. This indicates there could be room for further increases in value for RLB if it continues on this path in terms of both short term gains as well as long term investments being made into RLB tokens going forward .


In conclusion, Altcoin Sherpa’s report provides insight into the potential future trends of various altcoins including WorldCoin(WLD), Solana(SOL), Maker(MKR) and Rollbit Coin(RLB). While WLD faces a predicted bearish trend, SOL, MKR, and RLB showcase positive outlooks that have potential for further price appreciation if given favorable market conditions going forward .