Altcoins To Explode: How High Will Crypto Rally Go in Bull Market?

• Ethereum’s rally has sparked hope for a rotation into altcoins.
• The path to altseason is a gradual process, starting with Bitcoin and Ethereum season before transitioning into large-cap and other altcoins.
• Traders should take caution not to get trapped in a long position if the market experiences deviation back into its previous range.

Ethereum Rallies Spark Hope for Altcoin Season

Crypto analyst Kyle Doops recently shared his video analysis on Crypto Banter’s YouTube channel, predicting that the crypto market could potentially see an altcoin season as a result of Ethereum’s recent rally and break of significant high timeframe key resistance.

The Path to Altcoin Season

The path to altseason is expected to be a gradual process, beginning with Bitcoin season and then Ethereum season before transitioning into large-cap coins and eventually other altcoins. Despite this, Kyle stated that traders should remain cautious not to get caught in long positions if the market experiences deviations back into its previous range.

Current Market Performance

At present, the market is showing signs of increased risk appetite as traders become more bullish towards other coins due to Ethereum’s performance. As Ether continues to rise, it currently trades at $2,111.

Possible Disbelief Stage

Kyle further noted that we may be entering a disbelief stage where most people are skeptical about the potential of the crypto market – however he believes this will pass as more people become aware of the opportunities available in cryptos.

Altcoin Mania Phase

Finally, once all phases have been completed, Kyle explained that there would be an „altcoin mania“ phase where everyone would be excited about the potential gains from investing in cryptocurrencies and the markets would appear unstoppable.