XRP Price Rises Despite Jim Cramer’s Prediction, Analyst Predicts $80

• XRP has gained immense price rise while the crypto market is recovering, due to increased address activity and social dominance spikes.
• XRP has climbed to 3rd position by trading volume on Binance, and is gaining demand on other trading platforms such as KuCoin.
• Popular analyst claims XRP to hit $80, despite Jim Cramer’s comments of XRP hitting zero.

The crypto market has been abuzz with activity lately, especially with the recent Ripple vs SEC case. As a result, Ripple’s XRP has seen a surge in price rise, market movement and trading volume. According to analytics platform Santiment, XRP has gained 6.2% in the past 24 hours, even as the majority of other cryptos have declined. This can be attributed to address activity and social dominance spikes that have been observed over the past week.

XRP’s trading volume has also increased significantly, climbing to the 5th position in terms of volume at the start of this week. It has even gone as far as to the 3rd position on leading cryptocurrency exchange Binance. Apart from Binance, XRP has also seen increased demand on other trading platforms such as KuCoin.

The surge in XRP’s price and trading volume has come despite former hedge fund manager Jim Cramer’s comments that XRP would hit zero. However, popular analyst Tone Vays has claimed that XRP will hit $80 in the future, which is why the currency is still gaining popularity and demand.

Overall, the increased traction in the crypto market, coupled with Ripple’s ongoing case against the SEC has seen XRP’s price rise and trading volume increase significantly. Despite Jim Cramer’s comments, XRP is still gaining demand, and popular analyst Tone Vays claims that it will reach $80 in the future.